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September 6, 2009
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Myth of Osiris and Isis by Zanten Myth of Osiris and Isis by Zanten
EDIT: Once again, I thank :iconzoneh: for being patient enough to tell me what to correct! SO, there's more of the picture, more grass, colors, shadows, details...
And I'm finally satisfied with it! :excited: but critiques are welcome! :aww:

Maybe I'll even correct more things if you tell me what...
Full name:
Myth of Osiris and Isis - Seth's rage

"At the sight hatred and anger came upon him in a red cloud, and he raged like a panther of the south. He tore open the chest, took the body of Osiris, and rent it into fourteen pieces which, by his divine strength, he scattered up and down the whole length of the Nile so that the crocodiles might eat them.

"It is not possible to destroy the body of a god!" cried Seth. "Yet I have done it - for I have destroyed Osiris!" His laughter echoed through the land, and all who heard it trembled and hid."

Read the whole myth here: [link]

This will be my entry for the Myths and Legends: Illustration contest [link] and for the Story Coming To Life contest: [link] Yes, this IS an illustration! *imagine this pic in a children's book: "Egyptian mythology for kids"* :XD: I so wanna illustrate a children's book one day... :love:

The description above says everything! And I kinda imagined that when Seth walks, the grass below his feet turns into sand *and that's how he creates deserts* since he is so EVIIIILLLL! *Upper Egypt didn't think that Seth was evil. Poor guy, he's misunderstood! :tears:*

Annnnd.. I think that Seth was an aardvark! :XD:

Illustartion (c) me, done 99% with watercolors, 1% with colored pencils

I must thank to :iconzoneh: for pointing out some terrible anatomy mistakes and for supporting me! Thanx hun! :iconglompage:

I was drawing this for more than 5 days, but I still wanna hear your opinions! :nod: :D

Featured here: :iconsirladysketch: [link] :iconmetal-goddess: [link]
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EnkiLilstA8411 Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2014  Professional Artist
seth is amaizing :D (Big Grin) 
AsetNuit Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2010
I really like this!
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Hope you don't mind the feature ;)
See you around dA! :D
Seralia-Serana Featured By Owner May 27, 2010  Hobbyist Filmographer
xD I Like the picture
Good work!
Rose74 Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2010  Student Writer
Oh my gosh, this is amazing, I just finished a story about the myth of Osiris and Set! :excited: I love this, and I would be honored if you'd drop by and check out my story, Osiris Rising. :aww: Please keep it up! :D
NanakoNatsumi Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2010
Ova slika je FENOMENALNA!!*O*
uddelhexe Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Great colour-technique and Seth's pose it very well done too!
Unsaintly-Angel Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
This is over awesome! :love:
I love the myth from osiris :aww:
TenorSaxLolita Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
WOW. This is just EXCELLENT!
Metal-Goddess Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2010
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